About Arben Video - Arthur Soares - Especialistas em produção de vídeos

who is the Arben Video CEO

passionate about stories and purposes!

The story of professional Arthur Soares in video production is inspiring! Making it a true case of success, overcoming and dedication. Aged 31, Arthur is married, father of Benjamim Soares and has 13 years of experience in video production projects.

Throughout his career, Arthur had the opportunity to take his work to various locations in Brazil and also throughout the United States, always dedicating himself to projects that challenged and inspired him. He has also had the opportunity to sign major projects with renowned brands and companies, in addition to having held weddings for famous and influential people in Brazil.

For Arthur, video production is much more than just a job, it is a form of art and expression. Each project he undertakes is an opportunity to tell stories, to move and inspire people. And he takes this responsibility seriously, always working hard to deliver the best possible result.

In the midst of his journey, Arthur founded 'Arben Video', a company that combines his name with his son's name. With a focus on exceptional service and quality, Arben Video is dedicated to offering personalized solutions for each client, always seeking to deliver results that exceed expectations. The company is yet another achievement for Arthur, who continues to inspire and motivate other professionals in the video production field.